Raspunsul firmelor cu privire la testarea pe animale

1.Produsele DM drogerie-markt:
Firme din DM cruelty-free (Balea, Balea Men, Alverde, P2 Cosmetics, Sun Dance, BabyLove, DasGesundePlus, Visiomax, Ebelin, Jessa, S-QuitoFree, DontoDent, DenkMit, Alana, PusBlu, Profissimo, Saubär, Prinzessin SternenZauber, Fascino, Sanft&Sicher, Soft&Sicher, Saugstark&Sicher, Paradies, Dein Bestes)
"Thank you for your mail and the interest you have shown in our company.
The basic principle of dm company guidelines is to bring only humane and environmentally appropriate products to market. None of the dm-branded final products have been tested on animals nor will be tested.
We try to ensure that our actions are in accordance with a sensible and humane manner for animals and humans. In addition to the careful use of resources, we try to deal responsible with all living creatures. Within the scope of our possibilities we continue to work towards avoiding animal testing. Therefore we are placing all of our suppliers under the obligation to produce in accordance to international standards and in compliance with all legal requirements.
Animal tests for the development of body care products are prohibited since June 1, 1998. In the cosmetics sector the prohibition exists since 1986. According to the German federation of personal hygiene and detergent industries IKW no convenience products have been subject to animal testing since 1989. The final prohibition of animal tests entered into force as from March 2009.
If it is about innovations demanded by the consumers, the legislator specifies that new raw materials – this also applies for groceries and medicines (among others) – must be tested on animals. We have gone into the subject thoroughly and we endeavour to use only raw materials for cosmetics which are familiar and tested.
In the field of skin tolerance independent institutes and dermatological clinics carry out tests on 50 volunteers. Unless no allergic reactions are occurring, the product may advertise using the slogan “skin friendliness dermatologically tested”. This is for certain more meaningful than animal tests.
Kind regards,
Nina Kolb"
2.Marcelle Cosmetics
"Further to your inquiry, we are happy to confirm that none of Groupe Marcelle’s (Marcelle and Annabelle) products are tested on animals. We have established a comprehensive risk-assessment program to replace animal testing. These procedures includes: a battery of state-of-the-art in vitro toxicity tests; allergy tests done on consenting human adults in dermatology clinics as well as use of other scientific consultants. Our comprehensive non-animal testing program insures Groupe Marcelle consumers the safety and high quality they expect from products bearing the name Groupe Marcelle.

Please follow this link ;
Please rest assured that we have very good relations with our suppliers, that Groupe Marcelle Inc. does not test on animals and does not support any animal testing or animal cruelty of any kind.
As a Canadian manufacturer, we abide to Canadian labeling regulations which do not require we state directly on our products that they are not tested on animals.
Once again, we appreciate the time you took to contact us. We value your comments and concerns.
Best regards,

Marcelle® Cosmetics
"We can assure you that Cosnova is strictly against testing on animals. Our company neither conducts tests on animals, nor commissions it to any third parties and never will. Our suppliers are selected based on this criterion and we make sure that they never test their products on animals.
In accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive, it is generally forbidden to test cosmetics products on animals in Europe. Testing the ingredients for cosmetics on animals is also forbidden in the EU (since 2009).
All cosmetics ingredients are subject to this European legislation and are continuously assessed by independent, scientific advisory boards to ensure the highest level of health protection for the consumer.
Alternatives to animal testing are constantly increasing around the world. For example, tests can be conducted on artificial tissue, skin models or the cultivation of cells in petri dishes.
Once again, we would like to stress that our cosmetics products are never tested on animals and that we have always been strictly opposed to animal testing. We hope that we were able to answer your question.
Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again.
Kind regards,
your essence Team"
4. Milani Cosmetics
"Milani Cosmetics is a cruelty-free brand. We do not test our products on animals, nor do we allow others to test on our behalf. Our brand is certified by both PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program (CCIC) as cruelty-free.

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